Son, Brother, Father, Friend, Sergeant, & More



Auston G. Blanks affectionately called "Auston G" or "O" by his family and friends, was born April 21, 1976 at 8:06 pm. He was the eldest of 4 children to Kenneth (deceased) and Angela Blanks. Blessed with an affectionate smile, Auston never met a stranger, living a life full of friendship and joy. From early on in his life he learned through the example set by his mother and his father that family was everything. His sister and brother knew Auston as the big brother who "started this trend" ! His son Cameron, Cam Cam as Auston would call him, knew him for always pinching his cheeks. His cousins knew him as always the first to dive in!


Through the guidance and inspiration of his father, Kenneth Blanks, Auston developed a love of sports, basketball in particular. Practicing daily on the court built for him by his dad and granddad, Auston turned his love for the game into a gateway for his college career, earning scholarships for his matriculation. Auston graduated from Kemper Military with honors earning an Associate of Arts Degree in 1996. He received his Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Business Administration from Oklahoma Panhandle State University in 2002. In addition he received his MBA from Webster University.


Also instilled in Auston from the very beginning was that with God nothing is impossible. Through the youth program at Harvest Church gave Auston spiritual guidance and leadership through Dr. Steve Houpe (Pastor) and Mr. &Mrs. Tony Stanley. His love for them was ever appearing.


Auston embraced his love of helping others when he took a position at the Full Employment Council of Kansas City, Missouri. It was there where Auston gained an even greater love for people and their differences. He worked on community projects such as hosting community employment fairs and working one on one assisting individuals with computer literacy and other pertinent skills needed to gain employment in these current economic times.


In 2006 Auston relocated to Phoenix, AZ. He was employed by Affiliated Computer Services as a Business Analyst. His coworkers boast that no matter where Auston was in the building, positive energy was felt by all! Auston, with his insatiable desire to learn, could often be found at Barnes and Noble drinking his cocoa, reading an entire book, as Auston would joke.


With a fresh outlook and positive attitude true to his nature, Auston enlisted in the Army Reserves Alpha Company. 451st Civil Affairs Battalion, CTF Currahee. In 2007 Auston was deployed to Afghanistan, while on tour he received the Army Commendation Medal and was promoted to Sergeant. He was also awarded his Army Combat Action Badge. Through his travels and experiences abroad he embodied his motto which resonates with all who knew him: “ONE TEAM, ONE FIGHT.”


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